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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 5

So it is week five of Kristin's challenge.

This week we have 2 green's and a pink to play with.

I have used more stamps from the same Indigo Blu set which was a freebie with a magazine last year.

The Distress Inks are Crushed Olive as I saw it on this week's give away. I also used Picked Raspberry and Mowed Lawn and didn't realise these are the other two inks in the freebie!

Liquid pearls, Avocado and Flamingo.

Stickles Green and Crystal.

Crystal tends to shine mostly green but also pink which is a bonus this week.

Stamps poised for next week's finale.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 2

Here's a few more photos for this year's Scavenger Hunt.

#05 Architectural Columns.

Yes right in front of me, we actually have a column on our house, it adds to the divide between us and our neighbour.

#10 A College or University.

This is Reigate College, the sixth form college our son will be moving to in September. The photo is a panorama my husband took on his phone of the front of the original building, although most access is now at the back so this is seldom seen.

(#11 A cellular tower or television satellite dish) ditto

Here's another tower as most aren't camouflaged as in part 1's photo.

#15 A flag pole with at least 3 flags on it

OK so I didn't quite manage this. So here's a building with 4 flag poles with one flag each, hmmmm! Then there are the school railings with lots of flags, but not a pole in sight! Ho Hum.

#6 A Metal Bridge

Yay at last a special trip out to Morden Hall Park to get this lovely bridge and various others too.

First, there is the modern blue metal bridge from the car park.

Second, a couple of metal bridges by the old mill.

Lastly their iconic white metal bridge.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 4

Over on Twinkle Twinkle this week, Kristin has challenged us with the colours, 2 reds and a metallic.

The second half of last week's stamp was all at the ready plus the new word, "Memories".

The Distress Inks I used are Fired Brick and Festive Berries with Brushed Pewter Distress Stain for the metallic.

The liquid pearls are Rouge and Platinum Pearl.
Stickles Silver and Red.

As always it it so hard to photograph metallics, but I am thinking of the silver as cool wispy mist of an early morning as opposed to last week's golden hues at dusk.

I don't think about the stamp nor the opposing ATC when I do the inking and am amazed at how they seem to come together so well.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 3

This week on Kristin's challenge we have the colours, 2 purples and a yellow.

I have used Distress Inks; Dusty Concord, Shaded Lilac and Mustard Seed,

Liquid Pearls; Majestic Purple and Gold Pearl and

Stickles; Lavender and Golden Rod.

I used half a stamp from the same set as the last one I used plus some peg stamps.

It's all coming together nicely.

Brightening My Bible

Been meaning to do this for an age, ever since I saw it on a blog or Facebook or somewhere!

I keep my Bible in a Bible case. Good job too as it is a bit the worse for wear and held together with washi tape!

So I thought I'd brighten it up by colouring the edges in!

I stamped some flowers first, not an easy task and just coloured in the images.

I stamped the whole image inside the front cover and a couple of verses too.

It makes me smile.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

French Doors (Windows)

Do you ever think, "Wouldn't it be nice....."

Well that was just me with our French Doors/Windows which lead from our Lounge to our Conservatory. They were only glass from the waist up with solid panels below. My husband had restored them years earlier during decorating and had updated the fittings to Crémone Bolts, (sometimes called Espagnolette Bolts but ours are definitely half round rods), but he didn't change the overall appearance.

In the Summer it is so good to open the doors as it lets the light in and makes the lounge much bigger. At night they are closed for security and as the conservatory isn't heated, they are often closed at other times too.

We put our Christmas tree in the conservatory where it keeps so much longer as it isn't affected by the central heating, although having an open fire in the lounge does lead to us opening the doors when it gets too hot!

Anyway, when we need to close the doors I just thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if the bottom solid panels were glass too!"

I happened to voice my thought to my husband and he agreed so the plan was hatched! I was despatched to the local glass shop to get some safety glass. Then a trip to B&Q for some beading and panel pins. Lots of noise later the solid panels were removed and the door frames were prepared for the glass.

Obviously an ideal time for teenage son to climb through the holes as he wouldn't have the opportunity again!

The glass was secured by some beading, then a bit of filling and a dab of paint.

And there we have it - 2 lovely renewed French Doors.

Loads more light into the lounge.

Looking forward to Christmas now as we'll be able to see the tree so much better.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 2

Well this week on the SOC challenge we have the colours of 2 Pinks and an Orange.

I used Distress inks, Picked Raspberry, Spun Sugar and Spiced Marmalade.

Liquid Pearls, Flamingo and Pumpkin.

and Copper Stickles.

I thought it would be good to use the other half of last week's stamp, So here they are together.

No idea where I'll go for next week though???

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Dad

I was wondering where my love of bees comes from and today, as I sat in the Garden of Remembrance in memory of my Dad who passed from this earth some 17 years ago, I seem to remember him loving bees too.

I think he even liked honey, which I definitely do not!

Anyway, I lit my candle in the church and made my way to the garden.

This year I wasn't hampered firstly by a funeral about to start and secondly by a gardener in the garden.

Neither did I take my harp this year but I did take my camera and was struck by the flurry of bees on the plant behind the crucifix.

It is a beautiful sunny day with a cooling breeze as I remember my Dad with fondness.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Little Mermaid

Having a bit of a mermaid time at the moment.

I'm reading a book recommended by my harp teacher. The Ingo Chronicles by Helen Dunmore.

Then I saw a friend's entry for week one of the Summer of Colour challenge, of a knitted mermaid and I just needed to make one for myself.

Another friend asked me to provide a plotted photo gallery of the process so here it is....

Step 1, ask you friend for the pattern and choose some yarn, then get going...

You start at the top of the head and knit your way down the body to the tail fins.

You make the bikini top and arms separately.

You stuff from the top as you sew up.

Then rummage around for a couple of nice buttons for the eyes. I found some navy flower buttons in my stash.

And there she is, just needing some hair...

My little mermaid. Well not so little as she is about 15 1/2" or 41 cm long!