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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm an avid papercrafter; Scrapbooking, Cards, ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Art Journaling, and Décopatch amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband and son. I run a UK based on-line papercraft group, if you would like to join, click on the UKPC link to the right. New members always welcome.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WOYWW #254 - Quirky Bird

Not been up to much this past week as the cold I got has been rather nasty, still coughing but back to doing things again instead of being laid up in bed!

I posted my tags for a cause on Monday. There is also another DLP page of the Journal52 prompt of "A day in the life of me"

On Monday I had another craft club at my house too. There were 6 people and me which made it quite cosyin my dining room! We made "Quirky Bird" and egg cards.

Come join in the mega WOYWW blog hop hosted by the lovely Julia over at the Stamping Ground.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Crafting for a Cause

The J52 week 10 prompt was chosen for the UKPC SWAP this month. Creating for a cause.

I went a UKPC member's idea of creating as part of friendship and sharing our crafting with others.

I used my new Timmy stencil for the first time along with his spritzer tool. I'm in love with all things speckled at the moment! I also used the new stamps I got as a freebie in a magazine recently, quite enjoyed using them which is unusual for me! I added a few diecut flowers and bling and all done.

As is the custom on our group, if a member signed up for that month's SWAP is unable to do their SWAP for some reason, we call on the SWAP fairy to step in.

Fortunately a remit was given to the SWAP fairy so all she had to do was wave her magic fairy glitter wand and hey presto all done.

The cause was Breast Cancer Awareness and the SWAP fairy used a cell stencil, apt but deep, with some glitter paste and the required pink ribbon to finish off.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

WOYWW #253 - More Psalms

Well the Easter boxes are still on my desk this week, so not much has changed.

I have done a couple of  pages in my DLP, and a couple of psalms in my journal.

There is also my SWAP for UKPC hiding, could do with posting it though! But that's it! Been bombarded by 2 weeks of female stuff and now a horrid cold, oh woe is me! For potentially more productive desks pop over to Julia's place.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Psalms 22 & 23

Isn't it great when you do one challenge and find you have inadvertently done another one in the process. This is exactly what I seem to have done whilst doing my latest Psalm pages. They are both monochromatic so fulfill the DLP week 15 prompt as such.

For Psalm 22 I had the "eureka" moment when I realised that Jesus used the words of this King David's psalm whilst he was on the cross. So this just had to be a page of the cross. I used scraps of brown patterned papers as a background patchworked together and joined with pen stitching. My new Timmy spritzer just had to be used too.

For Psalm 23 I just thought of the green of the pastures with God as our shepherd. I used my new Timmy Latticework stencil and then 3 types of speckledness on top.
1) New speckled stamp
2) Timmy Spritzer
3) Water

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WOYWW #252 - Easter Preparations

Happy WOYWW everyone, come join in the mega blog hop over at Julia's.

I got some new sentiment dies of "Easter" and "Anniversary" and, a bit belated, I got the Timmy lattice stencil and the spritzer thingy but haven't had a chance for a play yet.

I had my second harp lesson this week and made up a journal page of my first song.

Ashtead Craft Club last week was all about Easter and so the boxes and bags we made are still on my desk.

For the DLP prompt of "get someone to draw something and you finish it off". I spent most of Mother's Day trying to get my son to draw something but to no avail so I passed the paper to my husband and he drew a bicycle. I duly finished it off. Bit overboard with my new speckle stamp!

Oh and for those following my garden through the seasons, here's the Magnolia in full bloom, much more timely this year. The Wisteria (in the foreground) is awash with buds too, it will surely have a good show this year.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Q&L #06 - FLOWER

I went with the permitted plural for the Craft Barn's Current Challenge prompt of Flower and/or Travel.

I really love colour (you'd never guess I used to be a Goth where black ruled the day!) so even using white space is a challenge for me.

I drew in the hair shape with a pencil, covered it with Wild Honey distress paint and yay my only yellow distress marker is the same colour so I low lighted it with that and highlighted it with a bright yellow marker and further with a gold gel pen.

So anyway I just added a diecut title and the flowers and a few leaves and left it at that, and am trying to resist anything further.

I used the "All About Eve" song "Flowers in our Hair" which is now playing in my head all the time!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WOYWW #251 - Harp Teacher

Yay I found a harp teacher and had my first lesson on Monday and my next this coming Monday. Hence the harp on my workdesk today, thought some may have missed it last month!

I have also come across a great way to combine my harp and crafting from the latest post on the website, My Harp's Delight.

It's about playing from the heart and one way is to find a picture for your music piece, I have done that and will be doing a page in my journal with it and the music score.

I have Craft Club tonight so thought it about time to alter my project folder so this morning I gave it a good spray.
The book page is my first entry for their competition.

Just had a look back on my week and despite not feeling like I have crafted I seem to have managed quite a lot!

My Craft Barn entry for the last fortnight using the word "ART" - great hymn.

A Timmy Tag inspired page in my DLP

An art journal page in the round robin I have been doing for the past 2 years.

A scrapbook page from my last printed photos from last Summer (must order some more now).

Oh and 2 collage pages for Psalms 18 & 19.

I wonder what everyone else has been up to this week?
To join the mega WOYWW blog/desk hop, go to Julia's place.
(Oh and don't forget you can click on my photos to get bigger versions)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Psalms 18 and 19

For these Psalms I have used the week twelve DLP prompt of "cut up a magazine - add" and made two collage pages. I needed a change from inks and paints, nothing like a bit of cutting and sticking to ease the mind. Also amazing what you come out with in the end.

For Psalm 18 I focused on the word "Fortress" and sifted through my magazine folders for pictures of buildings and castles.

For Psalm 19 I focused on God's creation, mountains and sky.

Really glad I keep magazine pictures which "speak" to me to sift through when the moment comes.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Scrapping & Journaling

A few other things I have been up to today.

1) I finished off my latest scrappage.

Can't believe I am still back in August of last year. The fields behind our house were definitely golden then.

I adore Sting's  - "Fields of Gold" song, so here is the Youtube video.

2) I have also done my latest page in a Round Robin Art Journal Challenge started a couple of years ago now.

Only a few pages to go before I get my journal back for the last time.

Timmy Tag 2014 #03

I did my take on Timmy's March Tag as a page in my DLP diary. 

Knowing I was rather devoid of his supplies this month I did it from memory in my own way.

I used my new egg dies cut in acetate as stencils to create the egg shapes and used a speckled stamp on top.

Q&L #05 - ART

OK I had quite a giggle to myself when I realised this hymn contained the Q&L word of "ART" in it. I'm assuming this meaning of the word wasn't the intended and I haven't peeked at the other entries as yet so I don't know if anyone else came up with it either.

Been doing quite a bit with book pages since last Craft Club (it was their theme!) so thought I'd print out the words of the hymn and take the page from there.

I sprayed, stenciled, stamped and doodled and picked out a few words in the hymn which spoke to me.

So this is my entry for The Craft Barn's prompt this fortnight.

It also ticks the boxes of "Stars" for Journal 52 and at a push their prompt of "A Cause" - Christianity, which is so often sidelined these days.

"How Great Thou ART" indeed!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WOYWW #250 - Scrapping

Another week of more harping than crafting but I did push myself to get last Summer's photos scrapped.

I have done 4 pages and have 2 more lined up to stick. Only one more before I get to order some more prints.

I really ought to think before I order my prints as I always order too many and either cram them on a page or leave some out altogether.

I did buy some new Xcut dies last week, had been thinking of the egg for some time especially as Easter is round the corner but the paisley gave me ideas of that nature too. Hmm I wonder what...?

I finally received the DVD from the States to go with my Harp book. I am struggling a bit on the end of lesson 2 (English Country Garden) and lesson 3 uses TWO hands and I am all over the place with that! This could take some time!

Think that is me for this week, pop over to Julia's for more desks across the globe in the infamous WOYWW.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

WOYWW #249 - Craft Club

I had Craft Club at my house on Monday and the cards I have from there are still on my desk!

We made up backgrounds with strips of coloured papers.

There is also my DLP diary with my latest page of a list of words which make up ME. I love writing words in wiggly lines.

Also for the DLP this week we were tasked to add birds and having some leftover diecuts from Monday's Club I stuck some on various pages in my DLP.

PHOTOS - Do remember that if you upload your photos in their original size, blogger will resize them according to the size you choose per photo (default Medium). Therefore, despite how they show on the page when they are clicked on they will be shown in the original size and thereby we can have a great big nose at your desk! LOL.

For more Wednesday desks, pop over to Julia's stamping ground.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

WOYWW #248 - Sunshiny

Well look at me, it's a quarter to ten and I have just realised it is Wednesday!

Blame it on harp playing (or visits) or the menopause, take your pick! Well at least it is sunny for my photo.

We focused on "book pages" at craft club last week and I made the 2 bird cards. (Do click on the photo as it will be much bigger then)

The page in my DLP is on "found poetry" using a book page too. Book Pages is also the theme for this month's swap on UKPC and I fortunately found the magazine article so am having a go at that.

I did my Craft Barn quote on AGE using Victor Hugo's quote:-

Forty is the old age of youth
Fifty the youth of old age.

Quite appropriate for my ripe old age don't you think!

Oh and here's the garden this month. After last year's photo a month I couldn't resist carrying on with it.

So come over to Julia's to see what I am "harping" on about with this WOYWW thing!